Bookmarklet. A shortcut to use this site.

It is easy to use our Bookmarklet, which is basically same as a browser extension, but it's essentially a bookmark. Simply drag and drop our button to your browser bookmarks area (CTRL+B will show/hide that area). This will put „Convert to MP3” bookmark in your browser. Now every time you are watching some video on YouTube and thinking of downloading it as Mp3, - just click on the new bookmark, and you will be redirected to our website where conversion of the video will start automatically. It will do a Mp3 from YouTube by default. If you like that to be MP4 making bookmarklet - use the appropriate button bookmark below.

YouTube to MP3
YouTube to MP4

On mobile devices it's best to use our web app or browser addon. Making and using bookmarklets and shortcuts on mobile devices is very cumbersome and not really fast, it's speedier to just visit our website.

If you like our shortcut/bookmarklet, please, tell your friends and family about it on social media. Thanks for your help and support!